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Tutorial Origins Easter egg

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Step 1:

Find all the staff parts and build the staff's.


Ice disk - generator 2
Ice parts - in dig piles, you can only get them when it's snowing.

Lightning disc - generator 4
Lightning parts - you must make 3 jumps while riding the tank. This is highly recommended to do with a friend.

Fire disc - the church/generator 6
Fire parts - when it's raining, there should be a orange glowing plane on the air. Shoot it down, and the part will land near the excavation site by the soul box. Kill the panzer soldat too get the next part. Then, activate generator 6 and there will be a par in the reward box.

Wind disc - generator 5
Wind parts - there are 3 robots that patrol the map. One by gen 2 and 3 one by gen 5 and 4 and one by church. Of you see one of these robots, they should have 1 glowing foot. Shoot the following foot, then go under it well take you to the robots head. Pick up the part, and leave.

Building the staff's: look for the white disc around the excavation site they buy your way into the excavation site. Pick up and place down the gramaphone it should give you access To the lower part of the excavation site. Go to the bottom, and build your staff.

Step 2
Upgrade your staff's (working on it, tutorials will be made tomorrow :smile:)

Step 3

After you do that, you should see a 5th pedestal for a staff at the bottom of the excavation site and the 3 robots. Notice how they all have name above they're head. ice goes in Freya, wind good Odin and lightning goes on Thor. Fire goes on the bottom of the excavation site. PLACE FIRE STAFF LAST, NOT FIRST SECOND OR THIRD!!! You must have ALL generators on on order to do this Step. Once you do that, all the staff's all return to where you built them. Next you will need napalm monkeys for this. To get napalm monkeys, go to gen 2, look at the table that you see on your way out of gen 2, where the tank would be. There should be 4 stones with fists on them. Press and hold x until you see the stone on the bottom left Of your screen. (This forum is still being worked on )
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