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Unsolved Original Xbox HDD swap help

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I having a bit of an argument with someone about the Rocky5 softmod. this person claims if you use that tool that it essentially make it impossibly to FTP games on the HDD?? ill include his comment below


"Let me clear up something to avoid any confusion. The situation with the DVD drive has created a personal issue with me. You see I have every xbox game ever made burned to disk which cannot be FTP'd from my computer. Since there is no way to un-format a XBOX game disk. That means I would have to download that same game again and ftp it which is pointless because why do I need to download what I already have. (BTW I do mean I have every xbox game ever made) Here is my list: https://www.nextgenroms.com/topic/13494-my-entire-collection-this-is-only-a-listing/ When the OG XBOX is being upgraded with a 2TB HDD, the 5101 BIOS wont' recognize the DVD drive for any mod menu which is the last official BIOS MS released. All these people that have a higher BIOS is using a modified version which allows things the retail 5101 cannot do. A mod chip must be used in order to update an OG XBOX BIOS past 5101, which defeats the purpose of soft modding. Now if you know a way to update the BIOS in a soft modded xbox without touching the motherboard, I would be very interested in knowing how."

Does anyone know what hes talking about? What does he mean by mod menu? what is the purpose of upgrading the BIOS?
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