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Solved OPENIV .xtd problem



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Hello everyone! SO im only 12 days into modding anything, and ive run into some trouble.

Ive figured out how to change headlght colors and tailights, but ive now moved to headlight texture. I pretty much only want to see if i can get it to work by drawing over the texture itself. To make more sense, i will load up headlights.dds, i then erase the photo, and draw rainbow colors, i save it, replace it in .XTD viewer, and i then replace lights_occluders.xtd in 360.rpf. BUT HERES MY PROBLEM, there is a little logo on a piece of paper next to all files. (looks like a lttle blue microhone, or muffin). Well, that logo is missing in my file. which somehow causes my game to crash. and it doent even matter if i edited the .xtd. if i were to download someone elses, it also shows a blank paper next to it. if this makes no sense, ill add a IMGUR or the little icon.
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