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[ONLINE] FREE | PC ONLY | 3+ HOURS OPEN Grand Theft Auto 5 Drop Lobbies | 2.5K BAGS ( PC ONLY )

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1. Passive mode WILL be on at all times.
2. Do NOT bring any cars to the drop, this causes lag.
3. Do NOT talk about modding in the chat. If I warn you and you do not comply, I will have to kick you.
4. Do NOT bring the cops, it is annoying to have to deal with them.
5. Do NOT steal anyone else's money. Be respectful to everyone, don't be a dickhead.
6. Do NOT buy anything OR bank the money in the same lobby. Go into 2-3 other lobbies before banking or spending the money.
Always comply or you will be blacklisted....

How To Join?

Add my R*ID - woetroe21
Once accepted, join when I am online.
Go to Los Santos Airport when you have joined.


Navy Davey

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Please keep in mind that you are
To do any of the following via this thread:

  1. Advertise to charge for any type of service including recoveries.
  2. Advertise to provide benefits to users who donate to you.
  3. Prioritize anyone who donates to your lobby. They cannot receive special treatment in your lobby because they donated nor can you provide them any paid services.
  4. Advertise to Lead users offsite in any way.
    Such as but not limited to:
    • Social media contacts
    • E-mail.
    • Text.
    • Instant message.
In conclusion please remember to report your thread to be opened or closed at the beginning or end of the session you are hosting.

Thank you for hosting for free on Se7enSins.
Failure to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines will result in your thread being deleted and your account receiving an infraction.

If you witness the OP of the thread violating any of the hosting guidelines of this section or the rules of the site please report it.
I am not the host. Please do not quote this post or message me to invite you to the lobby.
Not open for further replies.
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