Tutorial Old R4 on 3ds


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Hello guys,

So the other day I was searching for a way to get 3ds games on my 3ds (wich was quite some work but worked out fine) and I stumbled across a thread that allows alot of old R4 cards on a 3ds. All you need is the ability to install .CIA files on your 3ds and you are set. This can be achieved on alot of ways but the guide I followed was: [Click here to view this link]. Just follow the 3 steps and you're good for installing .CIA files. Once you have done this you can follow this thread: http://gbatemp.net/threads/r4-stage2-twl-flashcart-launcher-and-perhaps-other-cards-soon™.416434/. This however might work out for the most people but for me this worked out in a matter of minutes: [Click here to view this link]. So I recommend to try the second link before trying all the other links. Well I hope it helps anyone out. Also leave any questions below. PS. I don't take any responsibility and special thanks to Red for the A9LH tip.
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