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Working Old Casino Online New Gen Workaround

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Old Casino Online New Gen Workaround

( This may be hard for some to hit but get the hang of it and done it right will be easy , Also this new workaround can be used for Car dupe and Give cars to friends )

Requirements :

-Friend in same target mode and in titan of job setting screen

Steps :

-Load online then be at the casino and have last location on ( Now get an in game save and head to creator )

-Have your friend be in the same target mode , waiting to quit titan of job setting screen when you tell him

-Now hover on exit to story ,then join your friend ( Hit join game then hit A or X on exit to story as you come back from The PS or Xbox Home screen ) The details will load behind the exit alert , Accept the exit to story alert then tell your friend to leave the job ( Once on the black screen , Hit the PS or Xbox home , then back to the game and spam A or X on all alerts ) .

-If you got the timing right , You will load online like shown in the video ( If you failed , you will load to story mode and have to start over ) , After a minute hit your home button and back to the game 2 times , it will help load faster

Done…Now You have the Old Casino online

( If you don’t start over again too , This can be used for a Dupe & GCTF Glitch )

( Again like I Said , This can be a pain to hit for a lot of people , But get your timing that right and it will be fast & easy )

Final Notes : With this method , if you leave the lobby it will be gone too

Tutorial Video :



Getting There
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Can confirm the dupe should still work on ps5. After ewo the car is still there.
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