OK I have a halo 2 question!!!

Discussion in 'Halo 2' started by Johnodd4, Feb 22, 2009 with 1 replies and 300 views.

  1. Johnodd4

    Johnodd4 Enthusiast

    Ok I have a original xbox with halo 2 special edition.

    my question is the system update for halo 2 is there a save file somewhere from halo 2 i don't care about it being finished or anything lame like that i perfer to start a new game the reason i asked for is i know that if you copy the save data from a halo 2 version 1.2 after the map pack update to another console people are reporting that it will copy the system update as well.

    is this true.

    if so does this mean we could update are halo 1.2 to 1.5 ????
  2. Zieon Eslador

    Zieon Eslador Enthusiast

    It won't copy the system update, but it may require you get the update to use the gamesave/profile.

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