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Discussion Official Destiny Appreciation Thread?

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Will you be buying Destiny, if so on what platform?

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Getting There
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I see that there is a complaint thread but no appreciation thread and I am really enjoying this game so here it is...(pending mod approval)

*I am using the Xbox 360 with an old, far for good quality, 36" tube tv (non hdmi)*

My first impression after playing for about 4 hours(level 6 warlock)is that I can't wait to have the full game and I wish the beta would be longer.

*Intro/ Menus/Maps

I loved the character creator as soon as I opened it and it was fairly easy to pick which type I wanted so that was a plus. Having the ability to choose the color of the eyes, face, and mouth as well as add parts to the helmets was really cool. It looks like more will be available as you unlock more but I'm not 100% sure.

I also love how you can go back and forth to orbit then to the planet/ space station or w.e it's called and there will be other *XbL* users walking around buying stuff and you can dance with them or point at them. That kind of interaction is awesome, especially in the field- which I might talk about later.

The map layout looks awesome so far even though I only unlocked Earth but from what they are hinting at we will be able to get on the Moon and Mars later. Hopefully I will get to another planet soon but I am on the 6th story mission and it looks like there are a few more on Earth.

*Armor/Weapons/Ships (inside start menu)

This area has to be the most exciting for me because there are so many slots that you can fill with items and upgrades! I'm only at level 6 and I believe I have about 6 guns and 3/4 pieces of each of armor so upgrading of weapons/items seems like it will be pretty frequent.

I started using the standard rifle (will insert name later) with the shotgun as secondary until I reached level 5, now I use the sniper rifle instead. The sniper rifle has very limited ammo stock(not sure if this can be changed later) but it is very powerful, it seems like the further you are the more points you get.


Once I got into the actual game the graphics were excellent even though my tv s*cks. The controls are pretty simple but it did take me about 30 mins to figure out how to play then another hour before I was comfortable. I say this because I couldn't get into the game Dark Souls as the controls and trying to figure out where things are bothered me.

I haven't found a map once you get down on the planet for the story missions but that isn't too bad because you have the ghost to hint to you. The few Old Russia stages that I have played so far are fairly easy to navigate as far as finding your destination and goals. Finding loot is always cool because you can tell that you have explored the map, I have only found 3 or 4 loot bins so far and I am at level 6 so I may have missed some.

I have seen quite a few people in story mode which is cool seeing so many people on the map at once doing different things though and not having to worry about it impacting my mission.

The points bar on the bottom is awesome because it literally shows you getting more xp with each hit and it takes headshots into account which is extremely helpful when facing Captains or Wizards.


I don't know the names of the things I'm killing right now but I can get them later but... I do know that the Captains are similar to the Brutes in Halo 2 in that they are pretty hard to kill but headshots take them down faster as always. There are small guys like grunts in Halo 2 but different shape and move faster. The Wizards are cool and they don't move around very much so they aren't very hard by themselves. I know there are more but they are all pretty even when it comes to the easy characters and I haven't gotten very far yet so I haven't encountered much.


So far I have only unlocked the jetbike thing(will insert correct name later) but that is really cool that you can summon it from the select menu to get around. I will come back and edit this later once I play MP more and get a chance to drive more of them.


I have only played 1 match of Control and I did awful so I will need to play more before I can have better input. During the 1 match that I played my character was level 5 and I remember being killed by level 8 people so if I think it works how it does they probably have better weapons and I need to upgrade. I will report back later on that.

Pointing at people to get help is cool because some people don't always have mics, or in a party, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read my mini review, what does everyone else like about Destiny so far?
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