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with the new about I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much money you need to make from warehouses in order to have the max money around your office


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I dont know if this is what youre referring to, but the piles and spillovers of cash in my office seem to be affected by not only my overall warehouse earnings, but my current bank balance as well. For instance, right after purchasing my office, doing just a cpl crate runs and then selling, i noticed the first small piles of cash. (and merch, but not the topic) As i accumulated multiple large warehouses and sold them in full batches, the money piles grew and spread exponentially. But, after spending down a few million here and there on additional warehouses and other essentials, lmfao, the piles went down, some disappeared completely, and the spread out single bills vanished in certain areas of the floor. (merch seems to never leave once it appears, for me anyway, sidenote) If it gives you any frame of reference though, i have not seen the cash-cancer spread any further for quite a while, now that it fairly covers most of my floor and lines most of my walls. The furthest that the singles seem to spread is almost to my receptionists desk, and a few into the accommodations area. This is with a lifetime earnings on the CEO screen of just shy of 26m. But again, as my Maze Bank balance changes, so do the cash piles/carpeting. They seem to go down, but never up further than i described. As a point of interest, it appears that the cash stacks in your safe will go up and down at the million dollar bank balance mark. Under a mil, smaller and less stacks in safe. Over a mil, full safe stacks, cash-cancer begins to spread? I truly dont know all the triggers or mechanics, but i hope something here helps ya out.

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You can't have max money, I have nearly 900,000,000 and I have money all over the place. Literally, I don't think there is a max.

Question has been answered, I am going to move this thread to the archive, if you have any more questions please feel free to post another thread so the community can help you out!
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