ODST always frezzing!

Discussion in 'Halo 2 Mod Help' started by BSDarkness, Jul 19, 2009 with 0 replies and 222 views.

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    ok so i tryed putting ODST onto my map and i tryed like 3 diffrent ways and its always frezzing when i try to play thinggs i did to mpa

    BR no scope (worked)
    changed sky (worked)
    warthog neon (worked)
    warthog no turret (worked)
    Flaming sword (worked)
    swaping BR amo with stickes (worked)
    and puting ODST on (map Failed)

    and i also tryed skining my hog but didint work so deleted map and downloaded a new
    one put skin still their and not the standerd and its the same on every map and when i play it its not skined?:mad::cursing::?:thumbdown:

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