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  1. titanbaseball13

    titanbaseball13 Enthusiast

    I've been looking around on this site and I have seen many people asking questions about modding Oblivion for 360 but no one has really given a good answer. So I want to know is if modding is possible on Oblivion and how to do it. All I want to do is to make it so that you start out with max stats, level and gold. I don't want custom items or anything like that. If anyne knows where there is a good tutorial or website that would be great.

  2. dschu012

    dschu012 Enthusiast

  3. Kamodo Joey

    Kamodo Joey Newbie

    I think i might have found a way to mod Oblivion, its only a theory at the moment but still... well it works with fallout 3 anyway. firstly go on oblivion and see how much money or skill points you have, then extract your save to your computer. open it up with a hex editor (i use hex workshop) and go on tools and select base converter. put the byte order on "Intel" and put the data type on "float (32)". then put the value that you wrote down into the decimal box and copy the hex code. close the base converter and use the find tool, paste the code into that and then it will find it. go back onto the base converter and type whatevever you want into the decimal box. copy the new hex code and replace the one you found earlier. save it then rehash & resign using modio. put it back onto your hdd and it should work!

    note that this DOES work on fallout 3 and will PROBABLY work for Oblivion

    hope i helped!

    im actually gunna try that out rught now, ill get back to you on whether it worked or not
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  4. Otaku Se7en

    Otaku Se7en The Old School Retired

    Heres a modded save my friend made:
    [url=http://files.filefront.com/Save+0+01C8F64E451C8C80/;13384092;/fileinfo.html]Save_0___01C8F64E451C8C80 Download File on FileFront[/url]
  5. sparky1570

    sparky1570 Enthusiast

    i can ID swap i can change stats i can change money i can change spells in many ways i can duplicate unduplicatable items like nurnroot for example i can change enchantments in many ways i can change my location without walking i can add spells that are not in the game and much more...know ALOT about moding oblivion ill post videos on youtube more often now that i have internet back and yeah thats it just leting you all know :biggrin:

    i have that file it sux so bad its missing so much i had to perfect i had to do alot of work (moding) on that file it was so bad compared to my main file. but this file doesnt even have all the spells thats how bad it is no offence but thats just my opinion.

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