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I keep hearing about a massive banning wave that will hit Nov 17. I read about it somewhere on yahoo, and once I find it I will put a link here. As for now, does anyone else remember the last Xbox LIVE update? I don't know if I was the only one effected, but after I updated, all of my halo 3 mods were deleted off my hard drive, and the article whitch I previously mentioned claimed that Microsoft's update on the 17th is also a ban wave for all who have modded content on their xboxes. I think when my mods were deleted, that was in a way a test run of their identifier, so I'm presently undoing all of my mods that I've done to my profile, as well as making backups of all my modded maps on my computer and deleting them off my hard drive and I suggest you do the same. If you don't believe me, I'll have the article up soon.
I also suggest undoing no clip (screenshot----) on your profile, as it doesn't go away unless you change it manually (at least that's what's happend to my account). So, I strongly suggest that everyone with modded content put it on a memory unit until after you've updated your xbox, or just delete it alltogether. Please, if you disagree with this information, don't flame.:thumbup:

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its possible. They just did a huge sweep of councle bans. Maybe their working on stuff that deserves profile bans next.
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