No video but sound. Turned into error 0022 FIXED

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    Alright. Not sure if this will work for everyone but I have had this box for awhile and couldnt fix it. It started with out any errors just would not show any video. So I did the x-clamp fix and then it threw error 0022. This error occurs when there is either a break in solder or the solder in an area has melted then started to touch an area its not sup to. Come to find out its the thermal paste that did the trick. I use ONLY arctic silver 5. The reason is because it does not conduct electricity. Well come to find out it does just in very small amounts (only if the 2 connecting points are real close together). If there is any bridge in the solder joints it will throw error 0022. I totally cleaned the thermal paste off and put only a little and with a razor blade spread it out to where not a single drop would ooz off the side then bam. Worked first shot.


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