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News Nintendo Switch 3.00 Webkit Exploit Released



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This is mainly for discussion as I doubt many of you can utilize this.
What does it do?
At heart, PegaSwitch is a webkit exploit with a few nifty tricks, mainly including
  • Webkit exploit working up to version 3.0
  • Open Source SDK for developing Switch homebrew
  • Switch homebrew emulator (specifically for homebrew apps, not for games :tongue:)
So what does this mean?
If you are an experienced developer you can dive right into the world of homebrew as we speak!
It is important to note there is no backup loaders or anything of the sort available for the switch as of 10/11/17. This likely won't change for some time.

I'll be taking a look at this later tonight if my Switch meets the 3.00 requirement (which I doubt...:tongue:).

Edit 10/18/17: Looks like a team has dumped the bootrom already on the switch.
(This allows them to look for bootrom vulnerabilities and exploit them if one exists.)
If they keep up the pace then warez and backup loaders will be possible very soon. Don't update to 4.xx if you want a modded switch in the foreseeable future!
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