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Nintendo Shows new Sales Numbers

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After seeing the company at a loss for the past year and a half, Nintendo was hoping for many new games to push them out of the large hole that they created with the WiiU. Not too long ago Nintendo released new sales data for the WiiU as well as Mario Kart 8, and the numbers may surprise you.

From April to June, 510,000 Wii U consoles and 820,000 3DS handhelds were sold. According to an IGN article, this puts the total sales of the WiiU to 6.68 million. Mario Kart 8 helped along with the amount of sales greatly, with 2.28 million copies sold. Even though the numbers are bigger, Nintendo is sadly still at a loss with the WiiU, however the company still expects a small profit around 4 billion yen.

People pin the loss at the lack of new games, and it seems like that is the problem. With tons of hyped games missing from store shelves, it's extremely easy to see why and how Nintendo has failed to be a contender in the next-gen world. It's unfortunate to see them at a loss, but once Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU releases, all of Nintendo's problems will be washed away in a plethora of sales. But again, I still have hope for my favourite game company. Nintendo has accomplished so much in the past, that it almost seems like they had to of had this streak of bad sales. Heck, the Nintendo Entertainment System pretty much saved the gaming industry. Soon I believe they will be back on their feet.

What do you think of Nintendo's current financial status? Will they make a comeback? Or stay locked in the console wars forever? Give me your thoughts.

Source: http://ca.ign.com/articles/2014/07/30/nintendo-financials-reveal-mario-kart-8-wii-u-sales-figures


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