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Solved Nightclub special vehicle won't return to original slot



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There was a dirt bike in the slot, i moved it to a open slot garage. then tried to buy the pounder custom back because i wanted 1 in my office garage anyway it kinda lets me now but it makes get delivered to the nightclub (Same thing happened with the kanjalii and i didn't run into this issue)
so i bought one to my nightclub and closed my game like 5 times if not more and swapped sesh's just as much as well
but it never gets sent back no matter what not the original or the one i bought gets returned to the original slot.

Things ive tried:
Driving out the pounder custom that i bought out of my nightclub garage b2 and back in (infinite black screen used targeting mode got got out spawn in level 1 nightclub with no pounder custom

swapping sesh/reseting my game

the fix ghost spots glitch that everyones using for there SVW (it worked as in it let me buy a new pounder i waited for its delivery i painted it drove it out and back in and forced a save but it wasn't there in the new lobby.

i'm out of ideas anyone else know how i can fix?

also im aware of this thread
i can't attempt it because i don't have a friend in a different targeting mode but idk what would change his returns to the original slot mine wont no matter what


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These are the risks taken when attempting to move vehicles where they dont belong. I wish you luck

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Wow that sound bad.
That happened to anybody that they did put any personal car in their special vehicle warehouse and some reason they did lose their vehicle. Thats too risky and I'm glad I didn't use this glitch. Know that R* sensitive to wipe vehicle for reason. I remembered in past I can put any vehicle in clubhouse and no longer can put it in clubhouse. Thats risky. Ever seen


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i fixed it
did some digging on and i found C Captain Pocky 's fix
1.) Sell the vehicle left in the NSV's original spot
2.) Swap the NSV into a nightclub garage
3.) Steal a street vehicle and save it in a garage
4.) Drive it out and blow it up
5.) Don't call out another personal vehicle and go into the nightclub garage with the NSV
6.) Right d-pad to edit it, make one change, and drive it out
7.) Reset your game and the NSV will go back to its original spot


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Glad to hear it :smile:

Also if you still have the original Pounder in your garage, I wouldn’t delete it as doing so would probably create a dead spot. If it was the original you sent back to the original spot you’re good, but if it wasn’t, I would wait for another “any PV any garage” glitch and then do the following:
  1. Glitch out the Pounder again
  2. Sell the car left in its slot
  3. Drive a street car over the original Pounder and blow it up
  4. Buy a new Pounder and it should go into its spot without issue and without causing any dead spots later
(Of course this comes with the warning that I haven’t tested it without a working “any PV any garage” glitch, but I’m 99% sure it’d be OK)
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