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NEW way to hex edit achievements.

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This is my second TUTORIAL

Lets start now

1- Get your gamertag from XPORT 360.



2- Now open it with HxD


Now find the achievement you want to hex
im going to unlock Lost in Transition.
after you find it count back 12 and replace the 00 with 12 for unlocked offline or 13 for unlocked online.

Go to XBOX.com and look at the at your gamer score mines is 6101,17de in hex .The gamer score for the game i'm hexing is 1340 of 1750, 62 of 79 achievements unlocked.
which is gow2

now go to HxD and search gears of war 2 and look for your gamerscore is 1340 053c in hex code. there should be a 6d6 hex code behind it meaning thats 1750 gs for the whole game look.

Now If you are going to unlock a achievement that is woth 20 points add your gow 2 gamerscore + 20. mines would be 1360. hex code for 1360 is 550. so now replace 053c to 550.

That changed the gamerscore for the game now to unlock the number of achievements unlocked ex. i unlocked 62 0f 79 achievements hex code for 62 is 3e. code for 79 is 4f.


now replace the number of achievements unlocked. for ex if you only want to unlock one achievement change 62 to 63 hex code for 63 is 3f
just replace 3e with 3f. now you have unlocked 63 of 79 achievements.

Now you have to change your overall gamerscore.
my over all gamerscore is 6101,17d5 hex. you have to put two zeros behind that so now is 0017d5. Find how much gamerscore you would have after adding the achievement mines would be 6121 17e9 in hex but you gatta put the 2 zeros now is 0017e9 now find 0017d5 in HxD replace it with 0017e9 . press f3 and replace the other 0017d5 with 0017e9.

list of what you have done

Basically what you have done to your gamertag is that you hexed it to that you have 6121 achievements from 6101. also you changed it from 1340 to 1360 in gears of war 2 you aslo hexed it to have unlocked 63 0f 79 achievements. before it was 62 of 79 achievements.

list of what you did

1-unlocked lost in transition achievement.
2-added 20 points to your gamerscore from 6101 to 6121.
3-added 20 points to your gow2 gamercore from 1340 to 1360.
4-added one more achievement unlocked for gow2. fro 62 of 79 to 63 of 79

Im sorry if this is confusing.
tried my best just re and re read it
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