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    Im sure some of u already know this but here is a written tut on how to do it after patch 1.8
    STEP 1: Get a care package/ sentry gun or emergency airdrop.
    STEP 2: Find a legde that says press X to climb
    STEP 3: Hold R1 before u climb the ledge. Hold R1 at all times
    STEP 4: Climb the ledge while still holding R1 and hold L2 (stun/ flash/ smoke) and hit right on the directional arrows ( D- pad)
    STEP 5: Now release L2 first then after u threw ur stun u should have ur care package in ur hand
    STEP 6: Throw ur care package and call in what u got and u should get ur care package back

    NOTE: U must does these steps every time or it will not come back. Also it doesnt work for ammo so just die and it will be back. Its best to have scavenger or one man army so that u can resupply ur stun flash or smoke grenades.

    Please hit the thanks button if this helped u :biggrin:

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