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Hey Everyone, :tongue:

There is a hot new glitch going on in the world of Apex Legends.
So today I am writing this out to show you guys how to do it. I will also link a video for you guys as well.

Things we need:

Loba (and apex legends of course )

Now before I tell you how to do it. You can do this in the game but,

I wouldn't do this in-game because that's ****ed up bro
Respawn just needs to fix the game

How to do it: :what:
What you need to do is go to the back of the lava fissure and you need to go to the house in the video
next, drop down to the lava you will see some metal bars under the house next climb on top of the metal bars.
You will then face toward the house you will see a rock wall now if you look at the top left you will see a crack in the wall
you would need to throw your tactical ability in there as Loba

Credit goes to Deez Carries for the video
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