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    Ever run into this problem boosting:
    -your 55 on the last pretige but people want to exp boost and not headshot?
    -no one will help you get all the difficult challenges (Ex. Collateral dmg / Carpet bomb)?

    The Wait is over---
    I want to complete these challenges and i also want to complete the Operations challenges.

    I dont want to waste all my day playing all of these games when i have a 50% chance of losing.

    SO what i want to do is to not play Domination, but every other one and trade off wins

    FOR EX. we get sabotoge so 1 team wins really quick then the next game is team death match, then the team that lost the last round would win. BASICALLY we would just be winning and winning each game(THIS WILL GET YOU A LOT OF XP) therefore COMPLETING all your operation achv. plus any others that you would want to.

    Post me and lets BOOST

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