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Working New Solo God Mode Glitch Zombies In spaceland After Patch 1.21


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You will need 2 different Fortune cards for this glitch to work
1x Evade
1x Escape Route
Also will need Stamina Perk (Racing Stripes)

Text Tutorial
1. Activate your fortune card "Evade"
2. Fill up your fate and fortune meter so your second card is ready to go
2. Buy a rewind grenade
3. Now standing in front of the teleporter from kepler Hold square to activate the portal and immediately start running as fast as you can towards to the pack a punch machine This is where your evade card comes into it (JUMP WHILE RUNNING AND TAP L3 IN THE AIR TO BOOST FOWARD) you will need to do this otherwise you will not have enough time and the teleporter at kepler will close
4. as soon as you get to the pack a punch machine portal hold square to enter the pack a punch room and press L1 a split second later to rewind if done correctly you will rewind back to the path you were running turn around and run towards to teleporter that you activated at kepler enter the teleporter before it shuts once teleported immediately activate your escape route fortune card if done correctly you will be in god mode

Video Tutorial
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