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Patched *NEW* Save Drop Zone outfit WITH PARACHUTE

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The original post to save outfit without parachute.


How to get outfit.

1) Have a friend start a race and wait at the mission lobby. (Any race works)

2) Start and complete any Drop Zone game. (Whichever team color you chose that will be the color of your parachute)

3) At the end of Drop Zone you will be sent to a "voting screen" (this is where you see 6 tiles for the next mission you would like to vote on to play)

All you have to do is snap either the party or friends on xbox, chose the friend who is waiting in the race, then hit "Join Game"

4) there will be a delay before you will see the the game load up. On the bottom right corner you will see a count down. Once it reaches zero and you see that is says "loading" just spam A or X on PS

5) You will then have accepted "the alert message" asking whether or not you would like to join. From there you should load up to your friend's race and just back out.

6) Once you spawn in you'll have the Drop Zone outfit without the parachute **Whatever you do do not touch your interaction menu and do NOT die**

How to save the parachute.

1) Once spawned in with the outfit do NOT save yet!

2) Get a flying aircraft and fly to your yacht or a friend's yacht and parachute in to the Jacuzzi a.k.a. hot tub
(If you fail you can keep trying until you make it in just do NOT die)

3) Walk in your yacht. If you don't have a yacht and are on your friend's yacht, have him walk in and "Invite nearby friends and crew"

4) Go all the way to the back room press right on d-pad tap A on outfits then X and chose whichever slot you would like to save your outfit on.

If it says "Cannot save outfit now" all you have to do is join any race with a friend or a random. Wait until you are at the part where you chose your car and then back out.
Once you spawn in parachute into a Jacuzzi a.k.a. hot tub, go in yacht and save outfit.

If you want to save the parachute with a different outfit other than the Drop Zone outfit, just make sure you are wearing the outfit you want before starting Drop Zone.

Also, if you just want one complete outfit in the first try without getting the "Cannot save outfit now" message when trying to save it in the yacht, make sure you are not wearing any drop zone outfits before starting the drop zone game and then start from step 1.


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Once you save the parachute on your back with the drop zone outfit of your choice, if it says your parachute is set to (on) while you have the drop zone parachute on your back then you did it wrong or when you leave the interaction menu and your black parachute shows up instead of the drop zone parachute. No real way has been found on how to avoid that, it has been confirmed that it's mainly the green drop zone parachute that has problems saving the bag, my advice is to remove the outfit and start from scratch again. Thank You.
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