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Working *NEW* RDR2 Online CO-OP Wallbreach *Afterpatch*



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Wallbreach Method Founder: Exploit Theory

Wallbreach Location Founders:
Hazeltin & LicenseToGlitch

This glitch requires 2 people

To begin go to the J. Cooperlee & Co. building directly to the right of the first large steam boat on the left side of the dock at Saint Denis

Step 1: walk up to the double door of the front of the building and as soon as you begin ANY animation on the door, have your friend hogtie you and pick you up.

Step 2: then have your friend go to the ladder directly to the left of the building that leads into the water, have him run off the ladder while holding you going diagonally right, towards the building. When he falls into the water you should be teleported under the map.

Step 3: break free and enjoy!

Notes: if you die or it doesn’t teleport you, repeat the steps listed above.

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