new original xbox dvd drive found (i think)

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  1. discgolfer72

    discgolfer72 Enthusiast

    ok i have modded tons of original xboxes
    and am aware of the samsunga/b tompson and hatachi drive

    well i just picked up a new xbox and while installing a larger hd i came acroos a dvd drive i have never seen before

    it says h and l data storage on top of the drive and says build date oct 2004
    are these good drive what is the media compatiblity on them

    is this a factory drive or is it a refurb instaliton job
  2. VexxVoid

    VexxVoid Semi Colon Close Parenthesis

    Xbox DVD Version Comparison

    If you broke the seal it's a factory drive, pretty sure it is anyways.
    I'd say it was hiatchi if i didn't know better, which i probably don't.

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