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Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto V Glitch Archive' started by ZaationHD, Jan 12, 2019 with 2 replies and 966 views.

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  1. ZaationHD

    ZaationHD Enthusiast



    ColeHarrison "Ben"
    LoSt GliTches
    Tiozao Noob


    • MOC with car storage
    • Faggio stored in MOC
    • Invite only session
    • 3 or 4 friends
    • Bunker

    1. You need to make sure you are refreshed so you can get the "Perfect Alert" by going to the swap character screen or going to a public session and rejoining your friends in the invite only session.
    2. Register as a CEO.
    3. Get your Faggio out of your Moc.
    4. Now invite 2 of your friends.
    5. Wait for friends to load in.
    6. 1 friend needs to get caddie , other needs to get on back of Faggio.
    7. Now You want to get the right d-pad alert the furthest away from your MOC
    8. You now want to click r-dpad and options at them same time.
    9. If done correctly play jobs will be grayed out do not do anything from their.
    11. Now your froze, your friend on the caddie needs to push you to the middle of the yellow box
    12. The friend on the caddy needs to start up titian of a job and send you an invite tell him when your on the alert then he needs to leave and he needs to tell you when he is on foot then you click a/a/y or what ever it is on PS4
    (Quickly or you'll freeze again)
    13. Now your glitched out.

    How to bring the vehicle into the bunker:

    3 Player:

    1. Person giving the car , should have a RPG ready
    2. Get in the car , then friend gets in with you.
    3. Pull up to the yellow circle at the bunker with interaction menu up.
    4. Hit Circle/triangle/triangle to get out of car.
    5. Run away from car then use RPG to blow your self up.
    6. Immediately go to options menu and go to Playstation store menu before screen fades to black.
    7. Stay on Playstation store till car fully loads in and friend that is glitched out is able to get in.

    4 Player:

    1. Have a friend stand next to the bunker
    2. Giver needs to get in car , and other friend needs to get in
    3. Giver needs to pull up to the yellow circle at bunker with interaction menu up ,
    and hit circle/triangle/triangle or B/Y/Y for XBOX
    4. Then immediately walks into the bunker and stays on the "Enter with near by friends alert" untill passenger fully loads into the bunker and friend that is glitched out is able to get in.
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  2. FunkySkunk

    FunkySkunk Newbie

    I'm confused as to why you are posting this when the current method which is easier still works
  3. Truegta5

    Truegta5 Getting There

    This might get patched when the other one do so we might as well release it before someone else do I guess

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