Reaction score
1 : Shoot zombie that has bag on and try collect Semtex,plasma grenades,c4,bio spikes,or gas grenades ect just make sure its not cluster grenades or anything that will blow up when you cook it , you can buy ice granade for 350 ticket
2 : Turn on power for funtain and go to a round that a brutes spawns on. You can do this before brutes but you need a friend skip to round 10 for bruto
3 : now if playing solo activate reanimated and go up to ticket booth and hold square to pick up rewind but also hold r1 to cook grenade split second later.
3 : if done correct you will hear cha ching and have no rewind on screen.
4 : now go to the funtain and walk near the circle of the water for 10 times and have a zombie down you.
5 : count to 2 when you go down and then rewind and if playing as team have friend revive you and when the revive animation is at the end hit rewind and you will be stuck in godmode and cant move.
6 : the funtain will kill all the zombies when moving and the brute will push the zombie that get stuck in front of you so they get killed for the round to pass .
Dont go on the funtain water or you dont stuck in god mode
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