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Working New Easy Car Duplication

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Cayo Perico

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-Different Target Mode
-Lester Facility Heist

Founder : AceGoodz

Steps :


-Stands in front of casino and joins someone who’s In a different targeting mode and accept the first alert than decline the second alert
-DUPER kills the helper than the helper quickly joins someone else who is in a different targeting mode and declines the first alert than quickly goes to pink circle
-After that opens invite from Lester heist at the facility and than teleport back to the casino

-Request moc and the car they want to duplicate and place it inside casino penthouse garage
-DUPER request bike from motorcycle club and set it as passenger than HELPER goes on and stays on
-DUPER Walks away and request another bike than goes into the casino penthouse garage and blocks all doors from arena vehicle and teleport in while exiting the penthouse garage at the same time
-DUPER will be outside with the arena vehicles and stores it into the moc
-DUPER Gives the same car to HELPER and request another bike

RINSE AND REPEAT From request a bike

Full Video Tutorial:

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