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New! Ark Server "Abyssal Ark" Join US!

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Hello there, we recently opened an ark survival evolved server, and we are looking for players to join us!
we have many active admins that are willing to help people when they first join.


Here is our Server on "ark-servers.net": https://ark-servers.net/server/126748/

Here are the Server Stats:
Difficulty is 6.0, meaning dinosaurs in the wild spawn at a maximum level of 180.
Experience mutiplier is 2.2
Night Time Speed is on 1.5 (alot of people cant play in night time, or simple dont like it, Gamma editing on this server is allowed).
Day Time Speed is 0.9
Taming Speed is 4.7
Harvest is 5.2
Egg Hatch Speed is 5.1
Baby Mature Speed is 2.0

Active mods are: (Keep in mind we let players have a say in mods that are on the server, and people are allowed to suggest mods)

It is recommended that you subscribe and install all mods before joining, as ark times out the connection to joining servers if it takes to long to join, and doesn't take into consideration installing mods.

Structures Plus (S+): 731604991
HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 V278.3: 928102085
Castles, Keeps: 764755314
Bulk Crafters: 633831197
Behemoth Wall Mod: 542244370
Naj's Speedy Flyers: 1083349027
Automated Ark: 812655342
eco's RP Decor: 741203089
Bitou2k's Binocular: 1136125765
Eco's Tek Decor: 816908578
Taming Sedative: 711047840
SCUBA Mask (Clear / Blue): 919494787
Eco's Stable Structures and Decor: 1091147617

Again, all mod suggestions are welcome.
Before joining, there are Rules, make sure you read all rules before joining, if you break a rule you will be removed from the server and banned.
Once you have been banned you will never be unbanned and your items and dinosaurs are given away.


No smack talk, bullying or mocking anyone!
No raiding - unless both parties agree to do so!
No uploading Dinosaurs or any Armour from other servers or single player. Everyone starts from scratch and it makes it fair!
No advertising your own servers!
If you are away for 1 month or more and we do not see if you are active, you will get a message from one of the Owners or Admin team to see if you are coming back. If we get no response in 48 hours your: Buildings, Dinosaur and Character will be removed from the server.
Lastly this isn't really a rule but helping new people IF you can would be amazing!
Live streaming and recording is always welcome on the server, but please contact us first to make sure others would want to be recorded... We want to make this server a happy and family friendly place.

Any issues please contact this page or the admin themselves. We don’t bite

We also have a Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AbyssalArk/ (You can message us here and one of the admins or owners will reply as soon as they are free)

Currently a St.Patricks day ARK Evolution event is active on ark for double XP, Taming Speed, double harvest.
We have also added this to our Server to make things more fun for you guys!
We will also add all events to the server to make sure the server stays fun for everyone. (if an event starts late, its because the owners may not be able to get on at this time, but any time you guys miss, will be added to extend the event at the end).

Abyssal Ark Has PAYPAL!
"[email protected]" (No emails will be opened that are sent to us for security reasons and will be deleted)
Although we don't ASK for donations, a helping hand is ALWAYS appreciated. That being all money will go back into the server and paying the monthly payment of the server it's self.

Server Host: Logic Servers (UK London Based)


Go to Steam and press the view Button, then press servers and press the favourites tab, then click add a server and paste this in:
you can now join the server and start playing.
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