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*NEW Anthem Javelin Ability Glitch After Patch!! Have Any Ability On Any Javelin Glitch


eddie mac

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Hey se7ensins,
Back with another glitch. This glitch allows you to have any javelin ability on any javelin you want. Meaning you can make some Hybrid Javelin's! They tried to patch this but with my steps you can still do the glitch after being patched :tongue:

Here is a video explaining it and showing how it works

*For this glitch you will need a lag switch, not telling you how to make one or where to get one* (but its very easy to figure out)
Text Tutorial:
-Go into Forge Menu
-Choose the javelin you want the "abilities on"
-Back out of that javelin and now choose the javelin you want the "abilities from"
-After choosing that javelin you then want to then quickly hit back one time and lag switch
-This will cause the game to not load the javelin you just picked, but will show the first javelin you choose that you want the abilities on
-Now press back to get into the gear/components/weapons screen
-And here you can make your Hybrid Javelin

Once you back out of forge menu and go to start a mission you need to then go back into the forge menu and choose your Hybrid Javelin :smile:
Credit: x5150xi
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