NetBeans IDE 7.0 Tutorial - 1 - Installation


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Welcome to ThyDow's NetBeans tutorials!
In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to properly install the NetBeans Java IDE.
I will also be explaining some background information about NetBeans: About it, What it does, etc.

For the Admins:

Move this tutorial to the Tutorial database section of the Programming and Scripting section. Thank you.

About the NetBeans Java IDE:

The NetBeans Java IDE is a Java editor,designer, and debugger. In includes many features such as:
Syntax highlighting, a friendly GUI to work with and, most importantly, their award-winning Swing GUI Visual Editor. It is used by many companies, including Boeing, to create aerospace designs, and other incredible programs. If you wish, you may read up on NetBeans and the kind of things you can make with it by clicking the "Platform" or "Docs & Support" tabs.

The Tutorial:

To begin, type in your searchbar, or just click this link- NetBeans
Okay. so once you have done that, click the "IDE" tab to the right of the "Home" tab on the top left-hand corner of the page.
This will explain to you many of the features NetBeans includes. To download the IDE, click on the Download NetBeans IDE in the top right-hand corner.
A window with many selections will appear. First, select your language. Then, select your Operating System(It should automatically detect it). For these tutorials, the two choices you can choose from are Java SE and Java EE NetBeans editions. I would recommend getting the EE as it comes with some more features but, if you are on a slow connection, I would say get the SE (It's also the one that I have).
Once it is done downloading, run the setup and follow the directions! You should, if the default settings during installation were selected, have a shortcut on your desktop and a quick-launch item in your Start Menu (If running Windows). Double-Click the Desktop Shortcut.
Congratulations! You have just successfully installed NetBeans!
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