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  1. iTz Sik AiM

    iTz Sik AiM Banned

    i suck at gow 2 and need tips thanks!

  2. TaylorBoy

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    I can help a bit then.

    1) First off chainsaw is your freind for beginners in my opinion. I really don't care what people shout at me saying Chainsaw this and that. Just use it for easy kill or when your running with your team

    2) Never go alone. Stupid thing to do as if your a beginner your most likly not even to win a 1v1 battle let alone a 2 or 3v1 battle.

    3) Always active reload when you get the chance. If your in a 1v1 battle or w.e active reload if your in good cover and a good distance away

    4) Smoke / Ink tags. If you find a ink grenade plant it and then plant a smoke above it. This will throw the enemy to the floor and the ink should kill them as they can;t get up in time.

    5) Shotgun use. Always punch then shoot if upclose with the shotgun. With active reload it will grab you an instant kll most of the time unless the enemy is lucky.

    6) Ill think of some more stuff i do in game for you.

    P.S if anyone disagrees with me from the aboce just say. It's what I do i enjoy the game for it. :tongue:

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