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Unsolved Need Technical Expertise with modders who've delt with MS Gamepass Game Saves for current project.



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Assisting a fellow mate with a current ongoing project for newly released NoMansSky for MSgamepass. He's developed a fully functional save editor already up and running for steam/pc but we would like to integrate gamepass save now. But we need someone familiar with the decryption/decompression for example currently known and amazing editors already implemented are State of decay2 headed by Helios & those of FH4 which many of us are familiar with. Goatfungus already has a similar one out for NMS but has no plans for the gamepass edition so we have taken the challenge. It is not my project nor am I taking any credit for it. Github link can be provided but I think its against the rules so please pm me for more information as we are 100% serious on bringing this to the community. Its done we just need that golden key to solve the missing puzzle. Project name is NomNom save editor headed by Cengelha.
P.S. I've reach out to those project managers but as you know the current state of the world they probably are busy with current affairs. So iam trying all avenues.
Thanks again amazing community.
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