Need some help with this 360.

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    Hey, I bought a 360 that would not read discs. It was shipped to my friends house and he gave it to me in school today (I am at school right now). It has a Samsung MS28 drive (Has a red wire) (Did not open it up YET, also 360 came with a warranty sticker). Whats the best way to repair this 360? Should I just clean the laser? Going to post some updates when I get home.

    Also lol my parents don't want me modding 360's. (They threw my old banned 360 out) It got RROD but still I could have fixed it. They also took the VIA SATA Card away. What is a good way to mod in "Secret". Also do MS28's flash easy on Geforce chipsets? I have an EVGA 610i (I know it sucks)

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Thread Status:
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