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need peopel to boost RIGHT NOW!

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: WaW Boosting & Matches' started by UUilliam, Jan 11, 2009 with 0 replies and 239 views.

  1. UUilliam

    UUilliam Newbie

    i wanna reach level 65 by at the most 1:30 AM GMT
    there fore add my gt (uuilliam)
    if you wanna domination boost

    i dont really klnow how to set up a domination boost match so if we get someone who does know that will be great but i have an idea how to.

    (get 12 people in the cod party then join a match meaning you will get your own match) uh yeah well right now its 11:40 pm gmt and i hope to be level 65 by at the latest 1:30am gmt meaning we have about 2 hours so if we get enough people quick enough we will accomplish this easily within about 40 - 60 mins