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Hardware Mods Need of the top-half of the metal case of an One S + 12V from fan?



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Hey guys,

I just opened my One S to replace the fan and because I it was open, I installed some LED stripes.
Now I have two questions.

Is there a need to use the top-halfe of the interal metal case?
I think the LEDs would look better without it and the mounting of the components looks already pretty good without.
I use the XBOX in a standing postition.

2nd question is, is anything against grabbing the 12V directly from the FAN connector?
When I turn off the XBOX completely (I do not use standby) the 12V turns off, so I could power off the LEDs by that.
I use 2/3 of a LED stripe I powered with a 1A PS before (and I think even that was overpowererd).
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