Need info on TD language boosting

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    Ok, so a few of us have been language boosting in dubs to get our 50's. We're tying each game. I wanted to know whether or not this still works and will get our rank up or not? So far only ONE person has ranked up. Everyone else remained the same.

    I tried boosting without tying, and after 4 wins I ranked up, and so did another person. This appears to work as well.

    I remember someone posting that tying in LW is not an option anymore as there has to be a loser... is this the same for TD? At first thought, I would say no, since that one person did rank up, but it was after many games.

    If anyone has more knowledge about this please post a reply.

    FYI - Everyone has relatively low exp in this playlist, between 30 - 90.

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