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Unsolved Need help with syscalls...

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Hey you guys, I was wondering if someone could really help me out. lol So today I was messing around on Black Ops 3 & wanted to be able to play on the online servers, But I couldn't because I was on a lower firmware that wouldn't let me play on the servers. So I updated my firmware to the 4.75.3 Rebug firmware, But before I updated I forgotten that I put the "OFW Mode" on the Ccapi 2.60 tool, which makes it to where you Disable the syscalls. Now it's been constantly stuck on the syscalls being disabled & I can't use a lot of my homebrew & pkgs the same anymore. It's originally suppose to reset the syscalls once you reboot the system but i've rebooted plenty of times & they're still disabled. Any suggestions on this situation I'm having.? much thanks!
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