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Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by James Iz A Pro, Jun 17, 2009 with 2 replies and 279 views.

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  1. James Iz A Pro

    James Iz A Pro Enthusiast

    Since I Can Post This Everywhere Else Even In The Support Section And NO ONE Reply's To It Maybe I'll Get Some Responces Here

    I Use Profile Tool And Unlock Them All Except For The Halo 3 Ones That Aint Out Yet And On My Side It Says Their All Unlocked And It Has Dates And All That But To Everyone Else Nothing Changes And My GS Never Updates And After I Use Profile Tool I Use The Hash Block Calculator

    But It Still Never Works Can Someone Who Know's How To Help Me Or Thinks They Can Help Add Me On AIM

    AIM = NeedBioBots
  2. ThE 4tH PaRaDoX

    ThE 4tH PaRaDoX Newbie

    I guess i am the only one who knows how to do this?

    Ok, so load your profile up with xplorer360 or xport or whatever you use
    load it up with xbox360 profile tool
    click unlock all offline
    Resign and Rehash it
    un-hook your ethernetcord-wireless adapter from back of your xbox360
    go to a games main menu(somtimes you have to play a mission or start)
    plug ethernet cord back in and check if you have the achievements unlocked

    Note you unlock all but 1 achievement
  3. xRiddik

    xRiddik Enthusiast

    Get my profile open with Supermodder's Tool, click Unlock all offline, then i save it. open it in the hashblock calculater. then overwrite it onto my console, sign on my profile offline for about 10 minutes then sign into xbox live wait about 2-3 minutes depending on how many games i've done and i check on xbox.com seeing if it's updated all my points. then sign out and back in again :cool:

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