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So I got all my data on my ps3. I don't care about anything but my messages. I have tons of messages (I have backed up my entire ps3 on a usb already). Now, I wanna get a usb mod menu for mw2 (which I have in my usb). Now, as you know, I have to restore the mod menu using the backup utility to get the mod menu. However, that's gonna wipe out all my data. Is there a way I can restore the mod menu and the ps3 data I have already backed up at the same time? Maybe tinker with the files or something? Or is there another way of transferring my messages to my ps3 after I restore the mod menu on my ps3, right after everything gets deleted? Basically, what I want is to have the mw2 mod menu and all my messages in my ps3 at the same time. Thats the goal. How tho? Any ideas?
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