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Need help to Stream video to WebServer

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I need help to Stream a video to say a webserver without the need for well known platforms [Too Many Copyrights]

I want to be able to stream whatever I want to it so when someone goes to the webserver page they can see what is currently Streaming
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without the need for well known platforms
I am not entirely sure what you mean by this part but my below statement I feel should still stay true:

If you're looking for a PC of any kind, I know that both Plex and JellyFin are pretty good. In what sense are you trying to stream the content to the webserver though? Is it a locally hosted server that you want to stream to or is it a VPS of some kind? By stream to, do you meanhave the file on your PC and be able to play it from the server? Or are you hoping for something like hosting a webserver on your own so that you can stream local files from it to your other pc's?
Once you get back to me with some more accurate information, I'll probably be able to help you a bit more.
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