Solved Need help to prestige or reset stats

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note: I'll pay $10 for whoever can fix this...

I joined some kind of modded lobby by accident a few weeks back.

I started COD4 yesterday and noticed my stats have been wiped. I'd of been happy with that as wanted to start a fresh BUT when I reached level 4, which gives ability to create a class..

Everything is locked?!?!. I cannot create a class, choose any perks/weps/etc as everything shows a padlock. Where you see the weapons on the right, it just shows both my main weapon to be an m9 and also secondary to be an m9.

Where a primary weapon should go, the m9 is stretched out and pixelated. That modded lobby I joined must of done something. Can somebody help and reset all my stats to start a fresh, I'll happily pay $10
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