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Unsolved Need help modding Lite-On DVD Drive



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Hello all,

First I would like to start off by saying thanks in advance for any help given here. I have been racking my brain for over a month now trying to mod this Xbox360 DVD Drive. Now to start I will say I am not a noob when it comes to modding. I have a JTAG Xbox and a Xbox 360 with a modded dvd drive (modded years ago). I am now trying to modd my Xbox Elite but not having to much luck. Here is my specs / info:

Operating System:
Windows 7

Xbox Dash Version:

DVD Drive info (on label of drive):
July, 2009

JungleFlasher info:

Tools / Equipment I have:
Maximus 360 Xtractor Pro (W/Spear and Vampire add-ons)
VIA VT6421 RAID Controller
X360 DVD Power Adapter V4 (I bought this off eBay just to make sure I had the ground PMT for the Lite-On)
JungleFlasher V 0.1.94 Beta & V 0.1.96

So I have disabled driver security at boot up. I have gotten JungleFlasher to pick up my DVD drive. I click the Phatkey button and turn off the dvd drive with my maximus. Then I probe the mpx01 point on the dvd board. I turn the drive back on and jungleflasher finds the key, but here is the kicker. I remove the PMT and turn the dvd drive off for 5 seconds like it says. Then turn it back on and click on the jungleflasher pop-up. Right after that JungleFlasher tells me extraction fails. Every time. No matter what variation I do. No matter how I try to attempt it.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong, or any suggestions/tips? Or. Is there another method I can use to extract the key to mod the dvd drive? I do have a spare Maximus LITEON Rebuld Board V1.2 I can solder to the drive if need be. I just havent because all the youtubes videos says I dont need it. All I should need is the PMT probe according to youtube lol.

Thanks again anyone for any help provided!!!!
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