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    Basically in November of '08 my then main-account (sSoLaR) got hacked, I attempted to get it back by calling Xbox customer support, but it didn't help -- it seems all the information had been changed. So, I gave up and tried to forget about that account and just created a new one.

    Anyway, I really liked the Gamertag I had on that account, which was "sSoLaR". So I'd like to get that acc. back, just to change the name on it -- so that I can then change my current main to it.

    I don't really have much to offer in return besides a redeemable Three-month XbL membership code (and a huge thanks :smile:?). I know that's not much, but yeah... So basically I'll give the code to whoever can get the account back as soon as they send me a message from it to prove they're in "possession" of it. Also, the sSoLaR is a 50 General Grade 2 in Halo 3, so whoever gets the my account back can keep/sell or give it away if they want to, once I change the name.

    That's it really... so yeah, I hope it posting this isn't against the rules. All I need is one person to help me. Thanks!
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    The MSN account that is linked to it, just say you could get into the account that is linked to it, could you get it back then?
    If you can find the email address linked to it, I will give it a shot at getting into the account.
    Find it, and I'll try xD

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