Need help getting my 50

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    Ok, so I've tried getting my 50 legit... going in alone or with a friend. Truth is that either we come up against some beastly players, or people who just host boot. I'm currently a 46 in TS right now... so it's only 4 more levels.

    I would have liked to get my 50 legit, but seeing as I don't play that often anymore, or the abundant amount of cheaters at the higher levels... I gotta go with the motto "If you can't beat em, join em".

    So anyone who can help me get my 50 on my main tag, I'll hook you up with Gold subs or whatever your little heart desires (short of loving you for a long time).

    I don't care what method you use... my concern is getting the result, not the road we have to take. Post here with your GT if you're interested in helping.

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