need help flashing kreon drive

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    I just bought a Samsung SH-D163B drive pre-flashed with the Kreon v1.0 firmware. I installed it onto my computer and tried to back up a game with Xbox Backup Creator. I put the game in the drive and when I opened XBC and clicked on the read tab the complete backup and start buttons were grayed out. I didn't know what was wrong so I opened up Schtrom360Xplorer and tried it and it gave me this error message "Can't get feature list from the drive! It is a kreon compatible drive but don't seem to be flashed with the right firmware! Drive is used as a normal DVD-ROM!" After this I tried to flash the drive myself. I downloaded the firmware off of Xbins and opened up the sfdnwin program but when I tried to load the firmware it came up with this message "This firmware is not compatible with the selected drive. Please contact your system manufacturer for firmware updates for this drive." Why won't the Kreon firmware work and what should I do about it?


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Thread Status:
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