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Question Need Help Diagnosing a No Power Issue. (Falcon/RGH1.2)

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Deleted member 1672971

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Hi, I glitched my console around 10 years ago and it was working fine, no issues, So doubtful it's the RGH. A couple days ago it kinda just died while I was playing. I know it's a long shot, but I was just wondering if anyone has any tips/suggestions on what I should check. If it helps, It died while I was playing so the Power and Player 1 LEDs were still on, but everything else was off. I tried turning it off at the power button but it didn't work so I unplugged it. Then I waited a bit and plugged it back in, and power button didn't work, tried to turn it on using eject, that didn't work. also tried the controller.

I've since opened it up and these are the things I've tried/checked based on what I've read:
USB ports: pins are not bent. Apparently causes the same problem I have, or at least similar.
Power brick (stays orange): I've ruled that one out since the Glitch Chip still get's power. LED turns on when Plugged in. Though I could be wrong.
Capacitors: 2 look like they're bulging at the top, but I can't be sure. It hasn't popped or leaked nor is it obvious enough for me to be confident.
The two MOSFETs, U5B1 and/or U5B2, are hot when plugging it in though. So I'm leaning towards those.

I haven't checked for shorts because I have no clue where to start. So can anyone point me in the direction of which points to check or if anyone has had similar "symptoms", what fixed it? or am I out of luck and the board is fried?


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So when I had this issue, a fuse blew in my xenon and caused a red ring. It's most likely those mosfets though which are causing you a problem.
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