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Gamesaves Need Help Assassins Creed Rogue: The Storm Fortress Battle



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As stated above, I seem to be stuck on the Legendary ship battle - storm fortress. I have tried multiple times and multiple different strategies example: going behind and using explos. cannons and ramming repeatedly. dropping fire barrels and using mortars etc. but always die on the other two ships.

Reason I post here, is I seek the help of a true legendary templar to do this battle in my place, I just don't have the reflexes needed to do this one - so it needs someone skilled in ship battles :wink: - If you can complete battle and upload it for me I'll greatly appreciate this gesture. Xx

I'll also keep a copy of my save pre-battle for those who want to try it in future or find things to do (52% complete, morrigan fully upgraded etc.)

As above, morrigan is fully upgraded, full crew whatnot. Just need a hand on this one...

Many thanks to those who read/volunteer for this lil challenge.

The Save (Mediafire):

Virus Scan:

Note: Will give password out to those who offer to help with save.
Password will be removed and save kept up after help given.


P.S I know the game is dated by now, but I would appreciate the person that can spare time to do this for me.
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