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Need For Speed: The Run - On The Edge Trailer

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As is visible from the initiation of the trailer, it appears that Need for Speed: The Run will use the Frostbite 2.0 engine, the same engine the is powering the much anticipated Battlefield 3 game arriving later this month. A result of this is, in my opinion, stunning, detailed graphics. From the smoke/fog in the background, to the rubble in the upper mountains, all the way to the small fragments emitting from the back of the cars.​
Moving onward to the actual gameplay aspects, here's what the description straight from EA.com:​
Leaving Colorado means one thing, traveling down the Million Dollar Highway. Steep cliffs, hairpin curves, narrow lanes and a lack of guardrails make this route hazardous to even the safest drivers. But with $25 million at stake and your life on the line, being safe is the last priority. You have to thread through traffic and pass your rivals at 10,000 feet, but racing on the edge means being fearless and aggressive.

I for one love the old fashioned police pursuits that were present in the previous Need for Speed titles, such as the one visible in this trailer. What made the pursuits memorable is the intensity of the ride - every move counts.

Although I do not intend on purchasing this game straight away due to other popular titles arriving (e.g. Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Halo: Anniversary), it's still a good game that I may consider purchasing over time.

Keep in mind that Need for Speed: The Run arrives on the 15[sup]th[/sup] of November this year (2011).

Source: http://www.ea.com/need-for-speed-the-run/videos/on-the-edge-trailer
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