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  1. xStashYx

    xStashYx Enthusiast

    Can a trusted member get me the achievements i dont have and a 50?
    Ive never played MLG so that would be easy but it should be easy to go up in LW too, im a 37 in that, 11 in TS but havnt played more then 15 games in it, team snipers would be easy lost one won 5, or Team doubles ive won more then lost but still would take a while to get a 50 in it.

    And achievements i need are Lightswitch, 7 on 7, Alas poor Yorick, Road Rage, Look both ways.

    So if a trusted member could get me a 50 in any of those playlists and the achievements ill buy them a 3month gold membership.

  2. SerpantSlayer

    SerpantSlayer Enthusiast

    ill help u get a 50 in swat if your good enough. add - iSwatBooster ill boost you tomorrow as high as i can.

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