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    I have tried this with other people and I have tried hundreds of times by myself, but I cannot seem to be able to SPG this game... All of the people I asked and myself have too fast of a connection to do it successfully...

    Would anyone be willing to recover my account and SPG the 1250/1250 for this game?

    This being a new account, I have 0 GamerScore for this game, so I hope that dosn't affect your decision... If you really cannot do the offline ones(due to too much time needed to actually do them), then that will be just fine, I mainly just want all the online ones... but if you do want to do them all, then be my guest:thumbup:

    Unfortunatly, I can't offer much other than a "Thanks" and my undying gratitude:biggrin:...

    Note: I only have 5k GamerScore, so recovery shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes if not less than 5 minutes...


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